Description of the Scheme
The Co-Circulation scheme is partially supported by the EC-FP7 Marie Curie Actions-People-COFUND and it aims at increasing and facilitating the international mobility of scientists. Co-Circulation Scheme is for incoming mobility for periods of 20-24 months (the 4th which is the last call will be 12 months), for experienced researchers of any nationality with the view to enhance their career perspectives and to assist them in obtaining an independent research position. The Co-Circulation Scheme offers full freedom in the choice of research topics and Turkish research institutes. The Scheme offers adequate funding and full social security coverage to the researchers and their host organisations.
Purpose of the Scheme
The overall objective of the program is to attract research talent to Turkish Research Landscape which is an integral part of the European Research Area, by suggesting a particular scheme which enhance the life-long learning and the career perspectives of the experienced researchers regardless of nationality. The Co-Circulation Scheme aims to increase intra-European and transnational mobility via supporting 100 experienced researchers. It will thus increase the transnational mobility possibilities for career development.  
Co-Circulation fellowship is directed exclusively towards experienced researchers. To be granted a TÜBİTAK Co-Circulation Fellowship and fulfill its experience requirements, an applicant  must either have a Ph.D degree or have at least 4 years of full-time equivalent research experience.
In addition, researchers must be non-residing in Turkey for more than 12 months in the 3 years prior to the relevant deadline for submission of proposals.
The applicants, who are currently supported any of TÜBİTAK programs and EU 7th. Framework Program, Marie Curie Actions are not eligible to apply TÜBİTAK Co-Circulation Fellowship.
The host institution must be a university, research institute or industrial company in Turkey. Research institutes may be established in academia and industry.
Application Fields

The Co-Circulation Scheme has a bottom-up structure; the research topics are chosen freely by the applicant fellow and the host organization in a flexible manner. Accordingly, all research and technological development (RTD) domains under the EC Treaty are eligible for funding.

Duration of Award

The duration of fellowship is 20-24 months. For organizational reasons, the fellowships following the fourth call will have a 12 months duration.

Financial Issues

The gross salary for the fellow will be 4167 € (living allowance + travel and mobility allowance) for experienced researcher with less than 10 years of experience and 4792 € for senior researchers with more than 10 years of experience (the values are subject to income and payroll tax deductions). A yearly 7200 € research cost contribution is managed by the hosting institution for the expenses related to the participation of the researchers in research and training activities.